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A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting Your Wyze Camera to Wi-Fi


A camera is a unique device that allows you to capture images. It sees objects, like as your dogs and toys, and quickly recalls them.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your absence from home? Perhaps at night your favorite toy comes to life. A Wyze camera can aid with vision.

A Wyze camera is a wall-mounted, tiny, really cool camera. It can transmit images to your parent’s phone and view what’s going on in your room. However, it must first establish a connection to wifi, which is like having a private internet bubble in your home.

Power Up and Prep (Getting Ready for Connection)

Before we attach our awesome Wyze camera, we must be ready. Locate your tablet or phone first. That is the camera’s boss. Next, get an adult to assist you in downloading a unique app. The same name as your camera—Wyze. No matter where you travel, you can see what the camera sees.

Now locate the home’s strongest Wi-Fi signal. That is like to your camera being connected to the internet via intangible radio waves. Finally, take out your camera’s charger and insert it. It’s all set to awaken and take in the world.

Downloading the Wyze App

To communicate with your Wyze camera, we’ll require a unique app. It functions similarly to a magic aid, allowing you to see what your camera sees. The greatest app for your camera is this one, Wyze. To locate the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone or tablet, ask an adult for assistance. They are able to download the app for you by searching for “Wyze”. It just takes a minute and is really simple.

Finding the Perfect Place for Your Camera

When will your camera be the most useful tool? Is it to check on your younger brother’s sharing near the toy box? Or perhaps beside the window to watch your preferred school bus pass by? Select the ideal location to view whatever you desire.

Plugging In and Powering Up

For your Wyze camera to function properly, it needs special energy. Locate the lengthy, black cable and insert it into the little opening on the rear of your camera. Next, locate the cord’s opposite end that has the flat plug. Insert the plug into your largest, most robust-appearing charger. Your camera will now switch on and be ready to see everything when you push the charger’s button.

Setting the Stage: The Wyze Camera Setup Process

Alright! It’s time to prepare your camera for a wifi connection. The simplest thing is this. Locate the little button on your camera first. Take a close look—this is the smallest button you will ever see. Give the button a couple quick presses.

It won’t break, so don’t worry. A warm voice will say, “Ready to connect.” This indicates that your camera is prepared to join the wifi gathering. Next, take out your tablet or phone. That’s what we’ll use to link the camera to your awesome wifi network.

Putting Your Camera in Setup Mode

It’s quite simple to set up your Wyze camera. Simply locate the little button located on your camera’s rear. That button is the tiniest one there. When you press the button once, a helpful light will turn on to indicate that your camera is prepared to establish a wifi connection.

Connecting to the Wyze App

Simple as pie. Open the Wyze app on your phone or tablet once your camera has been turned on and is blinking blue. A large plus symbol is located in the upper left corner. When you tap it, a device addition request will appear. Choose “Wyze Cam” after searching for “Cameras”; that’s your hero. The program will then walk you through the remaining steps, step-by-step.

Connecting to Your Wi-Fi Network

WiFi allows your camera to connect to the internet, much like a specialized radio. With Wi-Fi, your camera may communicate with the vast informational web of the internet to transfer images and movies to your phone.

Selecting your house wifi name from a list, entering a secret password (such as a handshake), and that’s it are the only steps involved in connecting. It will be very attached to your camera.

Choosing the Right Network (2.4 GHz is Key!)

Similar to ice cream, wifi has many tastes. However, only the 2.4 GHz variety is optimal for your Wyze camera. It’s comparable to wifi’s chocolate chip cookie dough in that it can penetrate walls and travel throughout your entire home. Selecting this wifi is crucial if you want your camera to remain connected and display everything on your phone.

Entering Your Wi-Fi Password

The Wi-Fi password is similar to a secret key that allows your camera to access the internet. It may be the longest password you have ever typed, but fear not. As you type, the Wyze app will conceal your password with dots to prevent prying eyes.


How do I connect my Wyze camera back online?

Get the celebration going again. After unplugging your camera for ten seconds, re-plug it. Allow it to restart for a minute.Make sure your WiFi is connected: Verify if your camera and phone are connected to the same WiFi network.Happy days. Check to see if the Wyze app is current by opening it. Try adding your camera again if it isn’t there.Still unable to move? More troubleshooting advice may be found online at Wyze support.

What’s causing my Wyze camera to lose its Internet connection?

Incorrect Wi-Fi: Verify again that the network name and password you are providing are accurate.2.4 GHz Network: Unlike 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, Wyze cameras can only connect to 2.4 GHz networks. Verify the 2.4 GHz band is being used for broadcasting by your router.Signal Strength: To get a better Wi-Fi signal, try relocating your camera closer to your router.Gap in an app or camera: Restarting the Wyze app or your camera may resolve the connectivity problem in certain cases.

Do Wyze cameras run on WiFi?

In order to connect to the internet and provide you warnings and live video, Wyze cameras do indeed require Wi-Fi. You can’t view the live video from your camera or get alerts without Wi-Fi. Even without Wi-Fi, certain Wyze cameras can still record to a microSD card.

How do I reset Wyze Wi-Fi?

There is a button on the Wyze camera itself that must be pressed in order to reset the WiFi. Depending on the Wyze camera type you own, there may be differences in the precise button and duration of use. For further instructions on locating and hitting the setup button to reset the Wi-Fi connection, see to the Wyze camera user handbook.

How do I connect my Wyze router?

Using the Wyze app on your phone is necessary to connect your Wyze Mesh Router. You may set up your Wi-Fi network name and password and connect the router to your modem by following the instructions provided by the app. Recall that for the greatest connection, utilize a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band.


Your Wyze camera is like a tiny superhero, keeping an eye on your favorite things at home even when you’re away. But to unlock its powers, it needs to connect to Wi-Fi, a special internet bubble in your house.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

With an adult’s help, download the Wyze app on your phone or tablet – it acts like a magic tool to see what your camera sees. Then, find the strongest Wi-Fi signal at home and plug in your camera’s charger. Now it’s ready to be set up


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