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Installing Your Ring Doorbell on Brick Without Drilling


When someone pushes the bell at your door, it rings. This is known as a doorbell. It notifies you of someone’s presence/

Would you like to peek in the door without having to open it? A Ring doorbell is comparable to an amazing video doorbell.

That may be a unique batch of uneven bricks in your home! You can still have a Ring doorbell, so don’t worry. The doorbell may be attached to the brick wall with special adhesive tape, much like a sticker on a notepad.

Why Consider a Drill-Free Installation?

Would you want to view your home using a mobile app? Even when you’re not home, you can see who’s at the door with a Ring doorbell. But what if your home isn’t equipped with drill holes? Perhaps your pare.

nts don’t want holes in the walls, or perhaps you rent your home. That’s OK! There’s still room for a Ring doorbell. There are unique methods for installing it without using any drilling at all.

  • Renting Woes: If you are a tenant, your landlord may strongly advise against drilling into the walls. By not using a drill, you may maintain excellent relations with your landlord and prevent any deductions from your security deposit.
  • Preserving Aesthetics:Brick facades offer a hint of classic beauty. That attractiveness might be ruined by unattractive markings left by drilling. You may appreciate the complete beauty of your brick facade with a no-drill solution.
  • Avoiding Damage and Hassle: Drilling may be a dirty process, and running across unanticipated pipes or cables can be rather frustrating. Using a drill-free method spares your walls from potential damage and inconvenience.

The No-Drill Heroes: Mounting Options for Brick

Are you itching to install your fancy Ring doorbell on your brick home, but the adults won’t let you drill? Mounts are strong adhesive devices that securely keep your doorbell in place. You do not need to use a drill since these unique mounts adhere directly to the brick wall. They either originate from sticky product retailers or from Ring, the business that manufactures your doorbell.

  • The Official Ring No-Drill Mount: The official Ring No-Drill Mount is a specially designed solution provided by Ring. Industrial-strength adhesive strips are used in this mount to firmly keep your doorbell in place.
  • Features and Benefits: This mount, made especially for Ring doorbells, provides a neat and stable fit. It’s a practical option because it’s waterproof and straightforward to install.
  • Installation Process: Clear instructions are included with the Ring No-Drill Mount, which typically call for cleaning the surface, mounting the adhesive strips, and finally fastening the mount to the wall.

Before You Stick It: Preparing the Brick Surface

Installing a doorbell is a fun task. However, we must clean the area beforehand before attaching it. Just like when we wash our toys, we may use a damp washcloth and soapy water. We want the doorbell to cling more firmly in that region that is very clean.

Does the brick have any uneven areas? That’s OK! To flatten it, we can use specialized adhesive, such as extremely powerful chewing gum. The doorbell will then land with the cleanest possible transition.

  • Cleaning is Key: To clean the installation area and get rid of any dust, cobwebs, or filth, use a moist cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or mild soap. Allow the surface to thoroughly dry before moving forward.
  • Addressing Uneven Surfaces:Use a tiny amount of exterior-grade caulk to provide a flat base for your mount on uneven brick surfaces. Make certain the caulk dries fully before.

Alternative Adhesive Solutions

Choosing the proper adhesive for your Ring doorbell is crucial. The strongest option is the unique Ring glue. Even in the event of rain or snow outdoors, it can maintain the doorbell in place. Don’t worry, though, if you can’t find that glue.

You can also use other strong glues. Seek for really durable double-sided tape that can support large objects. Ensure that the label reads “for outside” to prevent washing away from rain. Keep in mind that your doorbell will be safer the stronger the glue.

  • Heavy-Duty Double-Sided Tape: Seek for double-sided tape that is intended for outside usage and has a weight capacity more than the weight of your Ring doorbell..
  • Command Strips: A Conditional Champion: For lighter Ring doorbell models and in milder climates, Command Strips can be a suitable choice, however they’re not the most lasting solution. On the other hand, severe weather or a lot of rain might weaken the adhesive.


How do you mount a Ring Doorbell without drilling into brick?

Using specialized glue, you can install your Ring doorbell on brick without drilling. There are mostly two choices:Ring No-Drill Mount: This official mount adheres to your brick wall with incredibly durable double-sided tape.Heavy-Duty Double-Sided Tape: Look for outdoor tape that can support the weight of your doorbell.

Can Ring Doorbell be installed on brick?

Absolutely, you can install your Ring doorbell without drilling on brick. To firmly attach your doorbell in place, there are specialized mounts and adhesives available. Renters or those who wish to protect their brick exterior could find this to be a terrific choice.

Can I glue doorbell to brick?

Yes, you can adhere a doorbell to brick using adhesive. However, it’s crucial to use the appropriate sort of adhesive. The unique Ring no-drill mount with its incredibly strong adhesive strips is the ideal choice. Strong double-sided tape designed for outdoor usage is another option that performs admirably. But bear in mind that sturdy adhesive is essential to maintaining the security of your doorbell.

Can Ring be mounted without drilling?

Yes, you don’t need to drill to install your Ring doorbell. Strong adhesive strips are used in Ring’s unique No-Drill Mount, but there are other options as well, such as robust double-sided tape. For tenants or individuals who wish to protect their walls, they are ideal.

Does double-sided tape work on brick?

Brick can be taped with double-sided tape, but only if the tape is very strong. Normal tape won’t adhere strongly enough. usage strong double-sided tape meant for outdoor usage for the greatest results. Even yet, it might not always be as safe as alternative mounting solutions.


Congratulations! Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to install your Ring doorbell on brick without drilling. This method not only keeps your home secure but also protects your beautiful brick facade and avoids any potential damage caused by drilling.

Remember, choosing the right mounting option depends on your specific needs and the climate in your area. For the most secure and long-lasting installation, opt for the official Ring No-Drill Mount or heavy-duty double-sided tape designed for outdoor use.


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